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The Large Town of Reading, Berkshire !

As far as population centers in the southeast region of the country, the large town of Reading, Berkshire, England is an attractive and interesting area to visit and appreciate for its medieval architectural influences. Reading is also the county town of Berkshire, which is one of the Home Counties surrounding London.

With a current population of around 144,000 people in the town itself and a total of 233,000 people in the urban area, Reading is a vibrant, bustling university town - it has two of them - with a large student population. Its history goes back to its founding in the 8th century as Readingum. Scholars believe that name was most likely of Anglo-Saxon origin.

An interesting historical note is that the town was overrun by the Vikings in 871. This group of people wasn't really interested in colonization, for the most part, so by the property survey of 1086 (the Domesday Book, commissioned by William I), there were only around 600 people who called the area home. Another fascinating example of the role Reading has played in history is that many of the ruling elite relocated to the town from London when the Plague swept through the city back in the 14th century.

Over the centuries, Reading has continued to expand, with much growth occurring through expansion and also annexation of surrounding smaller towns and villages throughout the 1920s through the 1950s. It has since expanded to the edges of the M4 motorway, which is now the southern border of the town. Housing development continues apace to this day, and many people now use Reading as a base from which to commute to other cities and locales.

Berkshire as a county is also home to Windsor Castle, a royal residence of the current monarch. Because of this, Berkshire additionally is entitled to claim the title of Royal County. It has a current population of about 813,000 people, and is among the oldest actual counties in England, dating back to probably at least 840. Both Reading and Berkshire are historic and attractive examples of the ideal of England as a force throughout history.

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