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The city of Cambridge lies about 50 miles north east of London in the county of Cambridgeshire in England. This city has an astounding and marvelous landscape and bridges along the River Cam. The name Cambridge is thought to have been derived from the name of this river.

This city is home to one of the oldest universities of the world, the Cambridge University, which was founded in the 13th century. There are a number of colleges that come under the umbrella of this famous university. King's College which was founded by King Henry IV in the year 1441 is one of the oldest colleges. This college houses a chapel which is more than a hundred years old and currently being used for some concerts and college events. Trinity College is another constituent college of this university and it was founded by King Henry VIII in the year 1546. Other constituent colleges of this University include St John's College and Magdalena College.

It is worth a visit to all these colleges. Each of these colleges is structurally engineered well and offers the tourists a feast for their eyes. The beauty of the chapels, courts and gardens of the colleges are beyond compare. The city of Cambridge also has many public parks and gardens which are a haven for children to play football or tennis. These gardens and parks also serve as apt venues for picnics, walks or even just to relax.

The Cambridge leisure park in the city offers a lot of leisure activities to the tourists visiting Cambridge. This park houses a gym, café and a 9 screen Cineworld cinema. It also has 28 lane tenpin bowling alleys along with a number of restaurants and bars.

The culture of sports is most prevalent in this part of England. The rules for the first game of football were drawn up in the Cambridge University. Rugby is another game Cambridge is famous for. Boating is famous water sport in Cambridge because the River Cam runs right through the center of this city.

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